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Bitcoin & Co. - Cryptocurrencies on the rise?

Präsentation zum Thema Bitcoin und Co.

edicos is a longtime member of the Industrie-Club Hannover e.V. - we use the opportunity for extensive networking and information exchange and are also looking forward to the informative lectures. A very exciting lecture on "Bitcoin & Co.", which also made it clear that it is not yet clear where the journey is going, was heard last week in the historic premises of the former stock exchange floor.

Marina Barth, Deputy CEO of the Industrie-Club Hannover eV, had some difficulty in describing the varied professional career of Oliver Flaskämper in a few words, because Flaskämper is full of new business ideas and has a large number of them already after his business education in implemented in the 1990s. Fascinated by the digital currency and blockchain technology, Flaskämper founded "Bitcoin Deutschland AG" and "Bitcoin.de", Germany's only regulated trading venue for the most well-known digital currency. In a one-hour lecture Flaskämper undertook with the visibly interested members of the industry club a journey into the world of the Bitcoins, whose exchange rate is massively in motion for many weeks and offers a lot of space for speculation.


Therefore, the Bitcoin, so Flaskämper, is not for the faint hearted, nothing for fans of passbooks and nothing for the private pension. The purely math-based cryptocurrency "Bitcoin" is also referred to as "digital gold with payment option" and is a persistent hype. The well-known blogger and journalist Sascha Lobo wrote in one of his columns in December 2017, "yes, it's a bubble, but a structural bubble that stays." Flaskämper's advice to the audience: "Wherever opportunities are there are always risks. That's just part of every system. At least since 2008, we know that you should invest in anything that you do not understand. If you follow that, then you can in my view, if one then believes cryptocurrencies have a future, if necessary, a little money in the hand take. In the knowledge that the money can be gone. But it can also multiply, just as it does with every investment fund."

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