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LeaseContract – the 360° backoffice-solution for lessors

Hanover Jan 15th, 2019 - edicos becomes the sole sales and implementation partner for LeaseContract, bundling its strengths and expertise to achieve the best possible results.

LeaseContract is the standard solution for handling leasing and hire-purchase contracts for lessors in motor vehicles and movables markets. It pursues the goal of integrating all existing software solutions into one final solution that can handle the complete life cycle of a leasing contract. Offers, subscriptions and contracts are simplified, recorded and managed, using this system. Contract information can also be transferred from POS systems, using web services.

edicos services around LeaseContract. 

LeaseContract is programmed entirely in Java, a language that can be run on almost all systems. With its open and extensible architecture, LeaseContract seamlessly integrates with existing IT structures. Regarding billing modalities as well as requirements of the contract administration, it is safe to say that everything has been taken care of The main functions of LeaseContract are very extensive. In addition to appraisal assignments, management of transfer conditions and execution of final invoices, there are many other high-quality specifications that simplify the management. In addition, other interfaces are being implemented and put into operation regularly - such as interfaces to Schufa, BSM, SAP and dunning. It’s an absolute all-rounder and indispensable when it comes to vehicle and equipment leasing.

edicos plans and implements convincing solutions for an optimized customer experience online and for an effective internal and external cooperation via all communication channels. In addition to individual business applications and corporate websites, these also include customer, employee and service platforms. It is incredibly valuable for leasing software and smart contracts, based on Blockchain.

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