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edicos ( evan.network partner) offers Blockchain-based Smart Contracts

Hannover, Aug 20th.2018 - Smart Contracts are an essential application of Blockchain technologies. In a stringent "if-then" sequence, they ensure the decentralized execution of agreements, made between multiple parties. In order to provide companies with access to benefits of an own Blockchain ecosystem with smart contracts, IT service provider edicos is collaborating with Blockchain initiative evan.network. Being a partner, edicos brings in hardware (so-called node infrastructure) and implements Blockchain-based contracts and other business applications - especially in insurance and financing (credit, leasing).

Speed up your business processes and save money too

"Smart contracts can reduce up to 40 percent of the cost of complex contract relationships as companies get automated, digital collaboration across the value chain, eliminating any need for reviewers and third parties," says edicos Managing Director, Rolf Henning. "Thanks to a partnership with evan.network, we are able to extend our years of experience with digital projects for financial service providers with an important future technology. We are already working on exciting business projects in fields like credit and leasing and we can see these companies gain a cost as well as competitiveness advantage. "

"Cooperation and the individualization of products and services are two megatrends that lead to increasingly complex business relationships. Companies that can work flexibly and automatically are the only ones to succeed. In order to do so, they need a technical basis on which they can exchange information automatically and efficiently - without losing any sovereignty over their own data and without the need for expensive third-party instances. That's why we initiated evan.network and look forward to experienced partners like edicos, who use hardware and projects to drive Blockchain's success, "says Thomas Herbst, CTO of evan.network.

edicos has offices in Hannover, Cologne, Munich and Rapperswil-Jona (Switzerland) and offers consulting, implementation, customizing, support and development of business applications of all kinds. Partnering with evan.network, edicos is now part of an open, established Blockchain system on which business models and projects can be built quickly, safely and at low cost. Participating companies operate evan.network as a consortial Blockchain and thus, in contrast to many private chain solutions, we have an actually decentralized and very secure architecture.

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