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Audits & evaluations

Audits & evaluations

Operating software solutions is a technical and professional challenge for both, KMUs and large enterprises. Increasing user requirements and constant innovations with ever-changing releases make for respectable IT-work and financial challenges.

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We will evaluate the efficiency of your IT systems. Developing a competitive and up-to-date software and hardware architecture is our common goal.

We will help you to set up efficiency analysis

  • Creation of transparency in each individual cost block
  • Clarification of risks and weaknesses inside company structures
  • Uncovering inefficiencies when it comes to IT-resources
  • Development of a strategy to optimize IT-efficiency

The result of this IT-audit is to find out about cost saving potential and how to implement the necessary changes.

IT-system evaluation

We also provide a specific evaluation of IT-systems. Whether or not a system will actually work out in reality, depends on a detailed planning phase. Working together closely, we will find out about the most important requirements for your new system and examine them closely.

Based on this, you will be able to make the right decision. Both personnel and time investment will pay off for your company.

edicos has many years of experience in evaluating CMS, ERP and PIM systems.

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