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Big Data

Big Data

Finding new customers and meeting existing customers‘ needs becomes a bigger challenge with an increasing number of channels of communication increases. Webshop, web analytics, CRM, email marketing and ERP generate tons of data. As a result, sales and marketing measures must be readjusted at ever shorter intervals in order to achieve great customer contact.

verschiedene Tools hadoop Spark

Professional data analytics

Using hadoop and Spark, edicos offers a comprehensive ecosystem for your company. Relevant data from operative systems is brought together in a very short period of time and successfully increasing insights can be gained within a few minutes. The results are then visualized by Tableau with no need for additional programming.

By combining existing core competencies, edicos offers a wholesome solution. IT consultants take care of the databases and IT security, BI experts transform data into analytical data models and data mining experts generate multidimensional analyzes, forecasting models and recommended actions for the departments and customer interaction systems.

Your benefits

  • Better understanding of customer experience
  • Use marketing budgets efficiently and purposefully
  • Increase sales with existing customers
  • Immediately recognize data quality issues
  • Optimize campaign success
  • Automatically recognize potential prospects
Cloud mit Big Data
Vernetzung von Daten

Our services

  • Actual recording of data sources, processes and success factors
  • Data selection from source systems
  • Data quality check with recommended actions
  • Structure of linked data views
  • Implementation into operational systems and processes
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