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Corporate Websites

Corporate Websites

Modern online brand management means much more than just designing a corporate website. The website is more and more becoming an active anchor point for interacting with various user groups throughout the network. Information concerning products, registered brands, and services still need to be covered, of course. But they have to be personalized - and thus customised to the target audience and each individual user.

Relaunch now and relaunch later

Nowadays, websites have to evolve constantly. This is partly due to the increasing number of terminals and associated requirements for an optimal display. On the other hand, however, customers‘ desires regarding content are changing too and Start-Ups are pushing their way into the industry, becoming new competitors. A company has to react to these scenarios and thus check each individual step again and again A relaunch has to be well planned and need time to work. Therefore, it is important to keep an eye on the whole process from the start on and to take one step at a time. edicos helps you to successfully manage your relaunch: from briefing to making sure the process runs smoothly.

Monitor mit Website

Your benefits

  • Reuse of content ("re-use") through central content repository
  • Automation of translation processes for multilingual content
  • Simplification of editors‘ work by adapting the authoring environment to the specific needs and internal (approval) processes
  • Implementation in responsive design: optimized display on tablets and smartphones

Our service

Having a briefing with your customer is the starting signal for the relaunch. This is when the following questions should be addressed and clarified:

  • Competitive Analysis: What are others doing?
  • Strategy: What do you want to achieve with this relaunch?
  • Target group: Who do you want to address?
  • Concept & Architecture: What is the website’s structure like?
  • Usability: What do the users expect?
  • Content: What did we want to express again?
  • Re-Design: What should the new website look like?
  • SEO: How can you be found?
  • Technical concept: Does it really work?
  • Project Management: Have we considered everything?
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