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Customer self service portals

Customer self service portals

Prospects and customers expect permanent access to information, a direct response to service requests and the option to independently manage transactions. Customer self service portals can help you to take care of the majority of your business online. This will benefit your customer, optimize your business processes and cost structures and finally increase your business‘ competitiveness.  

More customer service at lower costs

Optimized and predominantly online service nowadays is more a necessity than anything else: a constant availability of information, quick and direct response to product and service inquiries and the opportunity to request an offer and place orders online.

Customer self service portals are the ideal answer to these complex requirements. A majority of these service offerings will be available online, which increases customer satisfaction, optimizes business processes and cost structures and will lead to better competitiveness.

edicos offers you a state-of-the-art customer self service portal solution based on individual standard software- e.g. Liferay DXP. Due to the service-oriented software design and end-to-end functionality, systems like CRM, ERP and PIM can be connected to the portal platform.

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Your benefits

  • Access to all customer and contract data - secure, on any device and 24/7
  • Integration of all backend systems into one intuitive user interface, for all channels and users
  • Optimized communication between end customers and customer service
  • Cost savings thanks to outsourcing of (self) services to the end customer
  • Speed thanks to a consistant integration of individual process steps - throughout all application

Our service

  • Technical and field-based conception of your customer portal
  • Development and implementation of an optimal web design considering the user and customer experience
  • Customizing, configuration and enhancements of your standard software (for example Liferay DXP)
  • Integration of inventory and quotation systems plus business processes
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