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Commercetools offer solutions for next generation‘s e-Commerce

Commercetools offer solutions for next generation‘s e-Commerce

When introducing new distribution channels or entering new markets, you do not want to be slowed down by the lack of flexibility in your trading platform. Including commercetools, edicos offers an advanced, automatically scaling technology that highlights your customers and presents them with an impressive shopping experience.

commercetools cloudbasierte Lösungen

Get moving and become more productive

As a cloud-based solution, commercetools enable fast action and provide great creative freedom. Within a very short time, highly customized shopping experiences can be created with significantly fewer resources than other e-commerce platforms. In order enable impressive customer experience at all times, you can manage all channels with one centralized application.

Various possibilites for B2C and B2B applications

commercetools decouples frontend from backend processes (API first concept). The application scenarios range from classic frontends for online shops to a highly individual shopping experience on all sales channels as well as all current and future end devices. Considering the benefits of the SaaS business model, this will lead to significantly lower maintanence expences.

Your benefits

  • Radically quicker introduction to market
  • Reduced costs
  • Omnichannel - represented on all channels
  • More flexibility

Our service

  • Development of individual frontends for online shops
  • Development of fast mobile frontends and attractive native shopping apps
  • Solutions for linking online and offline channels
  • Solutions for new devices, such as wearables and beacons
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