Retailer & supply portals

Retailer & supply portals

Retailer or supply portals can be an effective tool in order to achieve consistent communication across time zones. Furthermore, the integration of backend systems can be cost and time efficient as well. For example, prepared configurators can be used to align both, services and products, check availability at the warehouse and automatically generate an offer too. All that is possible without any help of your own employees and can be done even outside office hours.

Provide the necessary interface – a technical minimum requirement

The integration of existing backend systems is of great importance. In most companies, IT is determined by a mature and heterogeneous application interface. Using documented APIs or web services, it should and has to be possible to combine backend applications (such as ERP systems, a PIM or an eShop, ...) and offer users an UX-optimized frontend – in order to overcome (application-based) boundaries.

Übersicht von digitalen Prozessen

Think digitally and stay competitive

Today’s successful companies put all processes on the digital test bench. They are equipped with latest technologies in order to be one step ahead of their competitors.

Your goals

  • Digital, automated ordering and service processes instead of media and system breaks. Thus positive cost effects, for example saving on running costs for maintenance and care.
  • Offer modern self-service for distributors, customers and everyone involved throughout the process.
  • Close networking with all business partners and building common community platforms. Thereby reducing unnecessary barriers in terms of knowledge and collaboration
  • Developing new and outstanding service-oriented business models - and not just be a simple manufacturer.

Your benefits

  • Better customer service and more efficient processes can be cost and time efficient: ordering new products, repairing or replacing spare parts and shipping can be completely taken care of online
  • Latest product data: Information on availability of products (such as spare parts) is constantly available thanks to a connection of ERP system and service platform.
  • Responsive design: optimized presentation on tablets and smartphones

Our service

  • Technical and field-orientet conception of your retailer or supplier portal
  • Development and implementation of a fitting web design, prioritizing the user experience
  • Customizing, configuration and enhancements of the current standard integration platform software (for example Liferay DXP)
  • Integration of current backend systems, like e.g. CRM / ERP / PIM systems
  • Implementation of configurators for services and products as well as integration into the portal
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