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AI & Machine Learning

AI & Machine Learning

edicos has bundled its competencies in the field of machine learning and deep learning on a new platform: KIPOLY. With Kipoly, companies from any industry can have targeted valuable information pulled from their data sets. We are currently paying particular attention to automated diagnosis based on X-ray images (COVID-19 research initiative).

AI for strategic decision-making

Intelligent collection and processing of internal and external company data based on machine learning ("deep learning") enables a much faster and more informed decision-making process. The potentials are not yet recognized or at least not yet used in most companies!

With Kipoly you increase your competitive advantage, promote collaboration and open up new business opportunities. 

Your advantages

  • Process automation and optimization
  • Optimization of quality management
  • Deeper insights through predictive and prescriptive models

Our services

  • Workshops on AI & Machine Learning
  • Analysis and modeling of your company's data and processes
  • Proof of concept for AI potentials in your company
  • Embedding AI tools into your value chains

Research Initiative (COVID-19)

With our research initiative, we put our knowledge at the service of improving diagnoses on Corona infected individuals based on X-ray images.

The imaging appearance of COVID-19 in X-rays and CT scans indicates severe damage to the lungs. However, this appearance is not specific to the disease and can be observed in other infections.

Details of our initiative can be found here: www.kipoly.com/Covid-19

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