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Concept and implementation with Liferay Portal

Conception and realization of with Liferay

Fundboiler brings crowd investors together with startup investment managers and simplifies the creation and marketing of funds through its innovative portal Through the new platform, fund initiators such as asset managers, institutional investors and domestic and foreign asset managers can implement innovative fund concepts independently and without red tape for the first time. edicos has completely realized from design and technical concept to implementation and is also responsible for the hosting.

Our services

  • Conception and implementation of based on Liferay EE 6.2
  • Creating templates
  • Integration of interfaces to two trading platforms from Baader and OPUS
  • Providing multilingual content
  • Integration of multiple portal instances
  • Implementation of Responsive WebDesign
  • with conference information and document retrieval

Selected highlights of the project

For investors

For investors

Easy participation in existing funds

For fund managers

For fund managers

Simple creation of new funds, transparent presentation of signals and trades, connection to fund accounting systems

Merging of scientists and practitioners, access to lectures and publications, conference applications

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