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Process consulting with implementation of a telephone survey

Process consulting for HDI Industrie Versicherung AG

HDI Industrie Versicherung AG in Hanover is one of the leading providers in terms of hedging the operational risks of companies, ranging from medium-sized craft businesses to the group. The role of individual advice in the choice of insurance and what HDI can learn from satisfied customers was the goal of a comprehensive telephone survey among selected large and medium-sized customers.

edicos helped with the development of the interview guide, the conduct of the interviews and prepared the results. In the presentation, it became clear that not only the price dominates in the hedging of risks, but also the advisory competence of the mediator is decisive. Based on the knowledge gained, customer satisfaction can be improved and new companies can be won.

Our services

  • Development of a conversation guide for the telephone interviews
  • Carrying out telephone interviews from a four-digit sample of customer contacts
  • Summary and presentation of the results of the interviews
  • Presentation of interview results at the HDI

highlights of the project



The survey provides very good results to influence customer satisfaction and shows recommendations for action



The findings ensure process optimization to increase customer satisfaction and acquire new customers

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