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A 360° back office solution for lessors

edicos service for LeaseContract

edicos offers extensive, long-standing experience from complex, international individual development projects with LeaseContract.

As an experienced partner, we offer the following services

  • Configuration and presentation of business processes
  • Modeling of specific requirements
  • Specification of applications
  • Proof of concept (POC)
  • Implementation into the existing IT systems
  • Creation of a free basic application for the evaluation of quality standards
  • Individual and agile approach
  • Consulting and requirements analysis
  • Agile development (Scrum)
  • Coaching and training of editors
  • Hosting
  • Maintenance and support

LeaseContract - a 360° Backoffice solution for lessors

LeaseContract is the standard solution for handling lease and hire purchase contracts for lessors in the vehicle and equipment market. The goal of LeaseContract is to integrate existing software solutions which are already being used, into one final solution that can handle the full lifecycle of a lease. Offers, applications and contracts are recorded and managed within only single system. Alternatively, contract information can also be transferred from POS systems, using web services.

Activation of the contracts and objects is processed right after the defined basic data has been checked in LeaseContract. Payment transactions as well as bookings are generated by LeaseContract and directly transferred to the financial and asset accounting. LeaseContract combines existing individual systems, creates the necessary bookings and organizes document printing and reporting.

Long-term value thanks to modern technology

LeaseContract is programmed in Java, a modern language that can be run on almost any system. Thus, the generation change, which guarantees future security, has already been completed. LeaseContract uses Oracle as a database. However, other database systems can be used as well.


What’s so special about LeaseContract?

  • Automatic, parallel creation of all postings from different accounting policies
  • Multi-subject ability within a contract
  • Ability to modify contracts even during the term (for example, interim contract access or withdrawal of one or more objects, contract renewal during the term)
  • Ability to map small and large contract portfolios (from 1,000 to over 100,000 contracts)
  • Harmonious integration into the SAP environment
  • High integration capability into existing IT infrastructures through web services
  • Executable in non-windows environments (important for IBM users)
  • Possibility of docking customer applications through an open interface

Overview of LeaseContract highlights

Object management

Object management

Display of the objects assigned to a contract (more than one object can be assigned to a contract) is possible via drilldown function

Contract management

Contract management

The heart of every contract management is being able to represent all relevant information about a contract without having to leave the mask (drill down). In LeaseContract, this is done using the detail function

Extensive dunning

Extensive dunning

Combined with FiBu / AnBu by Varial, LeaseContract has a comprehensive dunning system, which is designed for both, private and commercial lessee

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